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Available Class Listing - Call for More Information

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For more information on individual classes listed below, contact us and we'll be happy to help you!

Class Series and Monthly Plans available. 

Pagen Studes - picture of miscellanius magickal items

Pagan Studies & Religions

Buddhism Introduction and Philosophy

Asatru (Norse)

​Druidism (Celtic)




The Gods and Goddesses

The Pagan Path



magickal studes - photo of woman with energy around her

Magickal Studies

These may require pre-requisite classes or may be by invitation only.

Candle Magick

Cauldron Magick

Dream - Spellcasting Through Your Dreams

Galdr Magick (Bindrunes)

Herbs for Magick

Hoodoo (Root Magick)

Magick and Spell Casting

Sex Magick

Tarot Magick

Transforming Fear into Happiness (Magickal)

Transmutation Magick

The Kybalion


Tarot Magick

Rituals and Sabbats


Sigil Magick

spirituality classes - photo of buddha

Spirituality Classes

Aligning Your Inner Purpose

Awaken Your Inner Cosmic Angel

Embracing the Shadow Self

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

How to Free Your Mind

Ley Lines

Your Soul's Purpose

Living in the Present Moment

Manifesting Your Reality

Merkaba Study

Mind Power

Pagan Parenting

The Mind of God

Sacred Geometry

Spiritual Contracts


The Sacred Series

The Violet Ray

The Sacred Feminine, the Sacred Masculine, the Sacred Balance

Embracing the Shadow Self

Soul Family, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames

ancient sites classes - photo of standing stones

Ancient Sacred Sites




Salem Witch Trials

The Bible – Sociology

Pagan Savior Archetypes

cryptid classes - photo of werewolf under full moon

Otherworld Beings and Cryptids

Aliens and Ancient Aliens


Bigfoot and Other Legends

Dragon Lore

Ancient Egypt and Middle East

European Middle Ages Creatures

Faeries, Sprites, and Other Wee Folk

Ghost Stories and Legends

Greek Mythology Creatures


Native American


Werewolves, Shapeshifters, Dogmen, Skinwalker, and other Were Creatures

mentorship programs - photo of Books on the Desk

Mentorship Program

Once a student has been established with us, has completed pre-requisite classes, and shows the maturity and proficiency for Advance Classes, they may be invited to deeper studies through our mentorship program.

divination classes - picture of tarot cards

Divination - Tarot

Akashic Records

Divination Overview of the Various Types

Divination without Tarot

Crystal Oracle Divination




Psychic Aura Reading


Runic Numerology

Dream Interpretation

Scrying and Pendulum Work


Tea Leaves

crystal classes - photo of crystals

Crystals & Stones

Gemology Science

Crystal Identification and Use

Crystal Gridding

Crystal Prosperity

Crystal Healing

Crystals and Archangels

Crystal Shapes

Crystal Numerology

Lemurian Seed Crystal Mastership Initiation

meditation classes - photo of person in lotus position

Meditative Spirituality 


Art of Attention

Insight Meditation

Taming the Monkey Mind

Dream Symbols and Understanding

Astral Travel

Astral Temple Work (the Mind Palace)

5th Dimensional Vibration Shift

Access the Power of Your Higher Self

Ascend Your Energy and Free Your Soul

Kundalini Awakening

Levels of Consciousness

Lightbody Activation

Lucid Dreaming

Merkaba Activation (requires Sacred Geometry Merkaba Class)

Past Lives

Contract and Soul Splinters

Pineal Gland Awakening

Spirit Guides

Zen Mind

astrology classes - photo of zodiac wheel


Western Astrology and Natal Charts

Celtic Animal Astrology

Celtic Tree Astrology

Chinese Astrology

Egyptian Astrology

Native American Animal Astrology

Astrology Cycles

Age of Aquarius

other classes - photo of open textbook

Other Classes

Effective Communication

Understanding Body Language

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Conflict Resolution

Handwriting Analysis

Problem Solving

Time Management

Truth and How to Get It

How to Write in Runes

psychic ability classes - picture of smoke around eye

Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Psychic Defense

Remote Viewing

Dreamwork & Lucid Dreaming

Astral Travel and Projection

Remote Viewing

Automatic Writing


Being Empathic

Earth's Magnetic Shift and the Affect on Psychic Abilities

herbalism classes - photo of herbs - Image by v2osk


Herbology Basics

Herbs for Magick

Herb Potions and Crafts

Herbalism and Healing

healing classes - photo of reiki practitioner



Reiki I, II, and Reiki III Mastership

Angelic Reiki Mastership

Animal Reiki Mastership

Dragon Reiki Mastership

Qi Gong Healing Mastership

Kolaimini Healing


Healing with Crystals

Lemurian Seed Crystal Healing

Aura Reading for Health

The Chakras (Including the Minor Chakras)

The Dimensions and the Chakras

Emotional Healing

Free Your Mind

Alchemical Healing

Angelic Cellular Healing

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Controlling Stress, Fear and Anger

Herbs for Medicinal Use


Kundalini and the Chakras

Shamanic Drumming

Tantra for Pleasure

paranormal classes - photo of ghost


Paranormal Investigation

Evidence Review

House Cleansing and Blessing

House Warding and Gridding


arts classes - photo of christmas bulbs

Arts & Crafts Classes

Belly Dance


Drumming – Middle Eastern

Medieval Illumination

Make Chainmail

Jewelry Wire Wrapping


Runes as a Language

Tai chi

Wand Making

Wood Carving

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