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Blackoak Forge - Knives, Hawks and More

If you see any blades that are marked sold that are of interest to you, contact us. While every blade is a one-of-a-kind, we can recreated your own one-of-a-kind blade in the style you love!

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Seax w-Celtic Knot Knife by James Collin
Rail Spike Knives by James Collins Black
Goddess Athame by James Collins Blackoak

Blackoak Forge authentic makers mark. 

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a blade product.


Know the laws of your state/county regarding the receiving and/or carrying a blade. 

James Collins smithing

From the earliest days in America, frontiersmen forged their way through the forests and across mountains. Their tools, many times, were all that stood between life and death.

James Collins lives in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. He is descended from the same line of rugged mountain men as Daniel Boone, Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett.

Growing up, he worked with his father making long rifles, hand-carving stocks, and working in their forge. James has studied for years on making his items historically accurate, from the days of longhunters to ancient times with Viking and Celtic blades.

James' knives and hawks are forged in the same tradition as blacksmiths from ages past. He starts with the best steel for heavy duty, long lasting quality. Each billet hand-hammered with precision. The finish process is also completed by hand from grinding the blade to the beautiful and intricate file-work and etching.

James handcrafts scabbards and hawk covers from plain utilitarian to beautiful hand-tooled Celtic and Norse styles.

James' work is for both use today and is the type of artistic quality that will be a heritage item to pass down through your family.

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James is also a musician. Some of his beautiful Native American flue music is available below.

Calling Down the Moon by James Collins playing Native American Flute

Call to the Ancestors by James Collins playing Native American Flute

Shaman's Journey by James Collins playing Native American Flute

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James Collins working at his workbench
James Collins & Kelly Collins forging

My father, Kelly Collins, Jr. who taught me so much throughout my life. 

I also enjoy playing in Medieval recreation.

My persona is Vali Odinnsson. 

The leather belt is one of my leatherwork creations.

The helm was made by my friend, and talented armorer, Sonny Merculief at Ivan Armoury in Alaska.

James Collins in armor
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